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Monogram logos (or letter marks)

A wordmark is an impressionistic typographic representation of the name of the company. Sometimes, the wordmark is also the accepted condensed form of the official name. Is there anything in specific with HBO, CNN, IBM, NASA, and HP? They are the initials of a well-known business. The names are written in their abbreviated forms rather than their complete forms. Rather than aiming with the full term, the logo designers use the name of the business to represent it om two or three words. It’s a typography-based logo style that uses a few characters. This kind of logo is all about minimalism. t’s easy to remember HBO than its full name Home Box Office or NASA at the National Aeronautics and Space venue. Isn’t that right?If you are looking for leaving a long-lasting brand impression by saying minimal, DigitizeDesign offers its professional logo designing services at affordable and convenient to your budget rates, with the fines quality unique logos, which will surely leave impression for years. Our Logo designers can  optimize any label that has a name longer than average, and will make a unique, classic and elegant Monogram logo for your brand

2. Wordmarks (or logotypes)

This style of logo does not depend on the initials, but rather focus on the full name of your brand or company. Many global brands have adopted the concept of logotypes, such as CocaCola, Google, FedEX, Disney, and more. A wordmark logo works fine when a brand has a special, simple, and elegant title. The name, when paired with an iconic typeface, establishes a specific identification of the brand.  Our experienced Logo designers with years of expertise in the technology and design domain, does not only comes up with the wordmark logo for your brand, but they also take consideration of typeface and other considering giving the best quality logo, as per your business domain. Since the focus would be on your name, we at digitizedesign choose a type that catches the essence of your brand. If your company is linked to federal agencies, please go for the standard font. But if it’s in the beauty realm, opt with trendy, high-end fonts. We have the trendies and most elegant logo design which can definitely enhance your brand market proposition, at very inexpensive rates.

  1. Pictorial marks (or logo symbols)

A Pictorial mark is an illustration that is easily visible which has been condensed and textured in detail in a specific manner. A pictorial label is a graphic image or an example of something that specifically depicts a certain business, product or brand. The image itself may refer to the name of the organization or its purpose (like the Apple logo) or may be a representation of a brand trait. This logo style depicts the company in a plain yet bold manner. In most instances, the picture is abstract and stylized to give visual appeal. Most businesses that have this style of logo would have a very plain main logo but can opt to make alternate variant variations that look a bit flashier. Man’s mind can quickly recall a straightforward shape much better than a complicated one. We at DigitizeDesign, understand your business, its mission, its core values and then provide you with one pictorial mark logo which showcase your brand in a unique but understandable manner. Our team is available 24*7 to assist you with all your designing needs, our vision and mission is an amalgamation of providing qualitative work at nominal and cheap rates.

4. Abstract logo marks

Abstract marks generate a truly unique identity for your brand, but better left to design practitioners who recognize how color, shape and form combine to make context. An abstract mark is somewhat similar in structure to a pictorial mark, but it is one that expresses an image or aspiration or ideals in a symbolic shape, rather than a more concrete symbol. Logos such as Nike and Pepsi . There are several advantages to the abstract symbol. A brand should express a concept or an emotion, without having to think about the negative overtones of a particular picture. In addition, the conceptual nature helps major brands to strategically handle disparate sub-brands under a single parent name. Contact DigitizeDesign for an appealing and meaningful abstract logo for your brand, at cheap rates. We assure 100% qualitative work and have years of proven expertise in our domain.

5. Mascots

Logos that are mostly populated by mascots, or animated characters that are comic and entertaining. This style of logo is a good brand spokesman, as it also serves as a “brand ambassador” to a company. In reality, what the mascot is all about depends on you and the message you choose to give to your audience; some chose to go with mystical monsters and imaginary entities, while others choose to go with them. Some chose to go for magical beasts and abstract entities, while others choose a more rational figure to talk about their brand. Mascots have the advantage of allowing you to do whatever you want for them!, your imagination is your oyster, and you can go in whatever direction the wind takes you. Our logo designers design the mascot logos, carefully taking into consideration your ideas and deliver the best possible logos.

6. 3D Logo

3D logos provide an additional “dimension” to get seen and perform well on channels like tv and the internet. In contrast to more conventional 2D logos, 3D logo style sticks out and is easier to recall, and being all the business more technology centered, 3D logos are the newest and in demand trend to showcase your brand or product. They are very difficult to showcase and manage, but don’t worry, our expert logo designers at DigitizeDesign through smart and slick designing make sure your brands 3D logos are up to date, and most likely to get noticed. Even though these logos can cost a lot to your pocket, we offer our services for trendiest 3D logo designing at very cheap and inexpensive rates.

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